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About us

3S Mobile was founded in Zurich in 1997 and has been creating innovative software solutions for 20 years now.  We think and act like a startup and continually launch new products, either our own or for our clients.  We utilise business model canvas tools, lean startup principles and Agile methodologies to create effective solutions that users love.

Our work with clients often involves formulating strategies with respect to new technology or wider market trends.  We help to show the opportunities and risks of emerging technology on both products and business services.  Often we’ll create prototypes or complete products to help clients capitalise on some of those new opportunities.

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Eric Seuret CEO

B.Eng (Comp.Sys), E.MBA (INSEAD)

Eric is a Swiss/Australian entrepreneur and consultant specialising in innovation and emerging technology. He is a strong believer in leveraging technology to empower people and build sustainable, impactful solutions.